His Global Musical

Achievement & Accomplishments include



  • A musical artist and DJ with the greatest educational impact

  • Discography release history from 2007 up to today: a total of 70 albums, over 600 songs, 150 singles, soundtracks, and DJ mix albums

  • Film music educational documentary Knowledge, Music And Me  and  Knowledge & Music (Human Behavior And Crime Zone)

  • All albums and songs are self-produced, composed, arranged and mixed

  • He single-handed sold worldwide around 5.9 million includes streamings

  • DJ with the largest music catalogs in the world

  • His music catalog content over 600 Songs and over 70 Albums

  • His music catalog has a value between 20 million  to 100 million euros

  •  His song was sampled by millions of youtube channels users worldwide

  • The most multi-genre musical artist, DJ, and music producer globally

  • His music catalog is larger than any artist or band in the rank of world's best-selling music artists

  • A musical artist with one of the largest music catalogs in the world

  • One of the most sampled artists and DJ on the youtube channel

  • One of the best selling EDM, Instrumental Rock, and Instrumental Pop artists globally

  • His album 72 Diamonds with 72 songs is the most expensive Download Album on iTunes with the price of 72 Euro and running time of 8 Hours 35 Minutes

  • He is credited for all his albums and songs are self-produced, composed and arranged

  • His name has on Google search engine between 50 million to 300 million results

  • Spotify the leading streaming service create the Spotify playlist "This Is Michael Prince Johnson" with his Top 50 most streaming hit songs

  • His compositions were used and sampled for video games Starcraft, Shroud Of The Avatar Forsaken Virtues, The Lord Of Rings, Neverwinter, Star Wars: Battlefront II, Sleeping Dogs, Grand Theft, and Minecraft

  • About Film: His composition "Church Of Demons" is used for Russian film Roman Pozhidaev. The film is based on the story of Hanif Karim

  • About Film: His composition "Eternal Life" is used for Italian Film Trailer Recall For Pheasants. A film is based on illegal selling of human organ

  • His songs were used and sampled on CBS, and BET (Black Entertainment Television)

  • His songs were  played by international DJs from Ibiza up to the biggest EDM festivals worldwide

  •  His albums have been charted in the world's leading online store Amazon USA, UK, Germany, Austria, and Japan

  • Also, his song " Let's Go Crazy "  from the Album 72 Diamonds Vol. 4 and Vol. 38 was chartered on USA Radio station KJMK (93.9 FM) Classic hits at No.8 and No.1 on Canada Radio station CKX-FM 96.1 BOB FM.

His Musical Achievement & Accomplishments in  Austria includes


  • The largest music catalog in Austria 

  • The most sampled musical artist and DJ in the youtube channel globally and nationally that comes from Austria

  • He is also the best selling recording artist and DJ from Austria with African descent

  • The best selling EDM, Instrumental Rock, and Instrumental Pop artist and DJ in Austria

  • And one of the best selling artists in Austria

  • His songs were played by Austrian DJs in Top Austrian clubs and events

  • His songs were played on Austrian National radio station: ORF Radio, FM4 and also on Radio Arabella 

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