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 " History Of Epidemics "

History Of Epidemics DVD Cover.jpg

The album "History Of  Epidemics" is produced, composed, arranged, and mixed by Michael Prince Johnson. The album is about the true history of epidemics, mental health, miseducation, and human right. Also, the film music documentary " History Of Epidemics" Pt 1 is released.

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Video titles :

1. History Of Epidemics
2. Manipulation
3. Freedom
4. Healthy Mindset
5. Hatred
6. Forgetting The Culture Of Origin
7. Antisocial
8. Miseducation
9. Self-Confidence
10. Health
11. Say My Name

Director, Writer, Producer, Executive Producer, And Editor By Michael Prince Johnson

Animation By Michael Prince Johnson
Lead Cast By Michael Prince Johnson
Supporting Cast By  Michaela Queenie Johnson
Music And Composer By Michael Prince Johnson

Film genres: Film Music Documentation, Education And Animation.

You are watching the Film Music Documentary " History Of Epidemics "  Pt 1. 

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