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  •  Song title "A Culture That Destroys Another Culture Is Not A Social And Not Civilized Culture "


Music genre: Deep House

Albums: African Civilizations Vol.1 and Top Singles Of Michael Prince Johnson

Released: 2018

Label: WorldOceanMusicGroup.com

The meaning of the song title is about European political destruction of other nations. If culture is based on hatred of African culture and no empathy, then the result is to destroy African cultures, history, and civilizations. Also, to steal resources of the African continent. European political idea has destroyed over 100 African civilizations. In addition, to make black Africans being a shame for their culture and history and having self-hatred. Black Africans are the only race criticize for love to their culture and history. Social and civilized culture is the culture that respects other culture.

To adopt the culture where there is no respect for human life mean the destruction of their own race. For example

Kemet-Egypt was first to worship black women as Ultimate God. The relationship between black men and black women at that time was very united. By taking the culture and the religion of European, Arab, and Jews the great relationship between the black men and black women was destroyed. In the culture of European, Arabian and Jews women are not equal to men. It is never social to accept the culture where there is no equality between two opposite genders. Another, for example, to accept the religion without no any 100% proof, that leads to self-destruction on black Africans. One of the biggest problems in African nations today is religions between Christians, Islams, and Judaism. This three religion group are attacking each other and also attacking their traditional religion. The African Christians, Islams, and Jews don't see each another as one human race, but as the enemy to each another. This kind of behave and logic is originated from the colonizing of black Africans. There is a very big difference how ancient black Africans treat each another before Europeans and Arabs colonizations and enslavements. For example, black Africans in ancient civilizations were united. In our time black Africans are not united. Anti-Africans can argue, but there is no argument. History clearly tells us that nothing good comes from mine of not social and not civilized culture. 


  • Song title "European scholars who prove that Kemet Egypt was a black civilization and DNA proof"


Music genre: Deep House

Albums: African Civilizations Vol.1, Top Singles Of  Michael Prince Johnson and African Civilizations Vol.5(2019)

Released: 2018 & 2019

Label: WorldOceanMusicGroup.com


The song is about the civilization Kemet Egypt, which was originally created by black Africans and proved by European scholars and also in our time. The words Kemet mean The Land Of Black People. Additionally, there is also DNA (Genetics) evidence and much more.
Greeks And Romans Scholars always describe ancient Egyptian as black Africans, not as an Arab or European. 

Evidence: Their nose, full Lips, hair and hairstyle, DNA, genetic diversity, costumes, skin of color, locations, language, stealing African artifacts, scientific racism against black African race and against black African IQ, and history of cover-up of African civilizations speak clearly that all great African civilizations are originated by black Africans. In addition, the origins of civilizations, cultures, religions (belief system), writings and many more are originated by black Africans.


European Scholars who proof that Kemet-Egypt were black civilization

Herodotus (Histories, 2.104, 425 BC), Diodorus Siculus (Books II.35-IV.58. Translated by C.H, Oldlather, In Library of History. Harvard University Press,2000), Lucian (In Navigium, 125-180 AD), Plautus (In Poenulus, 195 and 189 BC.), Diogenes Laertius (In Lives of Eminent Philosophers,circa.200 AD), Constantine de Volney (pages 80-83 in Travels through Syria and Egypt, 1783-1785 (London: 1787), Jacques Joseph Champollion - Figeac (In letters published by Champollion - Figeac,1867), George Rawlinson and  Arthur Gilman (pg.24 of Ancient Egypt, 1886), Gralton Elliot Smith (page 75 in The Ancient Egyptians and the Origin of the Civilization, 1911), Richard Payne Knight ( In Specimens of ancient sculpture, Egyptian, Etruscan, Greek and Roman, Vol 1,1809) and list goes on.



  • Song title "List Of African Civilizations"


Music genre: Dancehall

Albums: African Civilizations Vol.1 and Top Singles Of Michael Prince Johnson

Released: 2018

Label: WorldOceanMusicGroup.com


For those who believe that black Africans never build any civilization before Europeans, Arabs went to the African continent. This claim already factually is proved is not the truth and that black Africans are not without no civilizations. It is one of the biggest cover-ups of the accomplishments of black Africans. The black Africans build the civilizations before any other civilization comes to existence. Additionally, give rise to other civilizations.


List of Black African Civilizations:

Kemet-Egypt, Nubian Kingdom, The Nok Culture, The Kingdom of Kush, Zulu Kingdom A.K.A Zulu Empire, The Land of Punt, Carthage, The Kingdom of Aksum, The Mali Empire, The Songhai Empire, Great Zimbabwe, Ghana Empire A.K.A Awkar, Benin, The Khmer Empire, The Champa Kingdom, Black African people give rise to Xia Dynasty (first dynasty 2205-1766 B.C.E), Shang Dynasty, and over 100 African Kingdoms.

  • Song title "It Is Well Known, In History, There Is A Cover-Up Of The Accomplishments Of Black Africans "


Music genre: Deep House

Albums: African Civilizations Vol.1, Top Singles Of Michael Prince Johnson and African Civilizations Vol.5 (2019)

Released: 2018 & 2019

Label: WorldOceanMusicGroup.com


The meaning of the song title is about cover-up accomplishments of black Africans and a list of the method of a cover-up. All black African civilizations have the own culture, religion, Kings, and Queens and were the richest civilizations economically and by the resource, before Europeans and Arabs destroy, take over and bring Christianity, Judaism, and Islam. Black Africans was a dominate race at that time. Without any worldwide Imperialism, religion enslavements and war. When Anthropology and Archaeology discover the truth about DNA, Genetic Diversity, Melanin, and other proof that origin of human race, religion, and civilizations, come from black African people, they can not accept the truth. Then they organize very well cover-up of the accomplishment of black African people. For example, Kemet-Egypt, Great Zimbabwe, the Kingdom of Ghana and other civilizations being created by other race. Also, a black Africans never have their religion. In addition, using scientific racism against black Africans. Europeans and Arabs are using their religion for the dominations over African religions, to bring mental enslavements, and cultural destructions. No Abraham religion teach black Africans to practice their African religion, culture and having the knowledge about African civilizations and their history. Both religions along with Judaism are the biggest enemy of the black African people. In the name of Christianity and Islam lot of black African people were killed, enslaved and still up to today. Judaism, Christianity, and Islam keep black Africans separate from one another and keeping the African nations not to progress. And also other factors. No truthful educations mean no progress and lead to the destructions of African nations. Europeans, Arabs, and other nations specialize to oppressed the African nations from progress. The great Greek historian at that time Herodotus ( In Histories, 2.104, 425 BC) proof that the Knowledge, Culture, Religion, Government, Social Structure, Architect, Technology, Philosophy, Mathematics, Astronomy, Medicine, Cosmetics, Music, Writing, Sport, and Civilization originated from black African people. And Kemet is the black African civilization.



In addition, the oldest form of writing and the concept of writing is originated from black Africans Kemet Egypt. The oldest European civilization is Greek. The Greeks borrowed their alphabet from the Phoenicians. Most European languages, including English, borrowed ideas from the Greek alphabet. Phoenician did not invent the alphabet, but through trade, they spread the knowledge of it. The Phoenician alphabet was borrowed from Kemet-Egyptian Hieroglyphics and simplified Kemet-Egyptian Hieroglyphic to keep track of trade consists of 22 symbols used to make words and is the basis for Greek, Roman, English, and many other alphabets. The Biblical Hebrew language does not exist before Greeks take over the Kemet-Egypt. The Greeks are the one give us the Hebrew language. The oldest copy of the Bible is the Septuagint and the original Bible does not exist.


The importance of ancient black men and women were so great that other ancient civilizations the worship of Gods and Goddess as a black man and black women. For example, Krishna, Buddha, and other Gods. Today the life of black Africans for other race is not worthy, because of hatred and wrong teaching about black Africans. The knowledge of worship black Gods and cover-ups of the accomplishment of black Africans comes from the truthful book named Destruction of Black Civilization: Great Issues of a Race from 4500 B.C. to 2000 A.D. By Chancellor Williams and from other books. We know from the facts that the oldest European civilization is Greek.


List of the well-known method of cover-up

The knowledge of cover-up of the accomplishments of black Africans comes from the truthful book named Destruction of Black Civilization: Great Issues of a Race from 4500 B.C. to 2000 A.D. By Chancellor Williams and from other books.


1) Using racial discrimination and scientific racism against black African people in the fields of Anthropology, Archaeology, Politics, Religions, Biology, Mass Media, Educational Institut and list goes on. In addition, without no any 100 % proof. Means using false evidence, then change the evidence into the new lie and promoted and finding again a new lie.


2) Teaching wrong about the human race, for example, only black Africans are evolved from primates chimpanzee. In addition, that black Africans are not intelligent enough to create any civilizations and black Africans are primitive people. And Europeans race are real humans (Charles Darwin).

For example, Human Zoo Ota Benga, a Congolese man exhibited in the New York's Bronx Zoo in 1906, was shockingly described as a 'missing link' of evolution. Over 40,000 people came to see him every day and were often subject to mocking from the crowd.


3) In African history content European perspective. Other words Europeans are the one developed the Great African Civilizations.


4) Replace the African name with an Arabic name or add the European names then is not anymore African or similar things.

For example, the original name for Kemet-Egypt is Kemet, not Egypt. Name Egypt was given by Greek. In addition, Kemet civilization is located in North Africa, not in West Asia.


5) Do not matter how much African structure the face has, does not have to be African. Also, mean to change the meaning of the race.


6) Finding the ways using European or Arab influence into African civilizations.

For example about Kemet-Egypt, Great Zimbabwe, Kingdom of Ghana and other civilizations.


7) Don't give credits to black African accomplishments and always discredit.


8) 1% of European blood make a black African person not African or using the same system for similar things.

For example, Egypt 99% belong to the African continent just 1 % belong to West Asia. And then because of 1%, Egypt belongs to Asia or is in the middle of Africa and Asia. 1% will represent a small part is belong to another continent.


9) One of the biggest cover-ups of African establishment and civilizations are religions Judaism, Christianity, and Islam.


10) The new form of the cover-ups is there is no racism.

  • Song title "About African religion in African civilizations before Judaism, Christianity, and Islam"


Music genre: Deep House

Albums: African Civilizations Vol.1 and Top Singles Of Michael Prince Johnson

Released: 2018

Label: WorldOceanMusicGroup.com

All African civilizations have their own traditional African religion and still is practice up today. Also, they are natural and spiritual religion. The traditional African religion and Kemetic belief are based on spirituality, the law of nature, energy, frequency, vibrations, sound, mathematics, the function of the human body ( Biology), knowledge, truth, consciousness, conscience, mediation and about life after the death. African traditional religion and Kemetic believe the purpose of life is to become spiritual and to overcome the physical world and to life internally. African and Kemetic religion creating their deity and story to things that really exist in nature to explain how things come to exist and the importance of nature and knowledge. 


The story and ideas about the creation that we find in the Torah, Bible, Quran, and other religion are originated from the oldest book Kemet-Egypt Pyramid Text And Book Of Dead. All Kemet-Egyptian deity was named in their language, not in Greek. When Greeks take over the Kemet-Egypt the change the names of Kemet-Egyptian deity into Greek names. For example, Osiris, Isis, Set, and the list goes on. In Kemetic religion, the belief in Trinity is Father, Mother, and Child. The concept of Trinity that we find in Christianity is originated from Kemet-Egypt. For example, the Trinity in Christianity is God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit. Another example for Eye of Ra or the eye of Horus is associated in nature with the Sun. Ancient Egypt understood the importance of the sun for the human being and for the planet. They know that without the sun there would be no life on earth. Health benefits of sun gazing is decalcify the pineal gland, enhance mood and energy, make an immune system stronger, increase melatonin and serotonin, improves quality of sleep, improve dream recall, increases the pineal size and strengthens the electromagnetic field.  


The sun is also associated with the pineal gland in the human brain. Also known as third eye awakening. In the biblical religion also talking about God and Jesus represent the sun or light. Jesus walks on the water as Sunlight walk on water when sun sunrise or sunset. Also, we can find the verses in the Bible talk about the sun or light.

For example

Malachi 4:2 KJV

But unto you, that fear my name shall the Sun of righteousness arise with healing in his wings, and ye shall go forth, and grow up as calves of the stall.

John 12.46 KJV

I have come into the world as a light so that no one who believes in me should stay in darkness.

Ancient black African Egyptians were having great knowledge about the brain, energy, meditation, and human anatomy. Also, they build the temple Karnak in the form of the human body to express the knowledge about the function of the human body and energy. Most of the knowledge today comes from this great black African civilization Kemet-Egypt.

The list of black African religions:


 1) Bantu religion (East, Central, Southeast, Southern Africa)

 2) Bushongo, Lugbara, Baluba, Mbuti religion (Congo)

 3) Dinka religion, Lotuko religion, Kemet- Egyptian religion (Sudan)

 4) Hausa animism, Edo religion, Efik, Dahomean (Chad, Gabon, Benin, Burkina Faso, Cameroon, Côte d'Ivoire, Ghana, Niger, Nigeria, Togo)

 5) Akamba religion, Maasai religion, Kalenjin religion, Dini Ya Msambwa, (Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Ouebian,   Bungoma, Trans Nzoia)

 6) Zulu, Tumbuka, Lozi religion (Southern Africa)

 7) West African Voodoo, Yoruba religion  (Ghana, Benin, Togo, Nigeria) 

 8) Dogon religion (Mali)

 9) Serer religion (Senegal, Gambia, Mauritania)

 10) Dahomean (Benin, Togo)

 11) Akan religion (Ghana, Ivory Coast) 

 12) Kemet- Egyptian religion in North Africa Egypt and Sudan


The real truth about Voodoo religion


Voodoo means the God and Spirit. And come from West Africa Benin. Voodoo religion believes in spirituality, energies, frequency, vibrations, sound, the law of nature, traditional medicine, knowledge, truth, consciousness, conscience and about life after the death. The scripture of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam is proved is not correct. And is based on hatred of other not biblical religion. For example, Voodoo is witchcraft and demonic religion, but there is no any proof of the existence of demons and witchcraft. Because of believing in witchcraft and demons in Europe and other countries over millions, of innocent women and children were killed.


It is never correct to accept the things without any established physical proof. Everything in nature is dealing with vibrations, energies, frequency, sound and all these things are mathematical. For Voodoo practitioners they need energies, frequency, vibrations, and sound, to perform rituals. The perform their rituals still up today. Also, we can find a ritual in Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. Everything in nature has a vibrational frequency. Everything in vibrational frequency gives us, in reality, unique vibrational patterns also known as shape. In Voodoo the create unique patterns for the different spirit. These patterns represent the energies in the physical form. For example, Veve, Papa Legba, Damballah, Santa Muerte, Maman Brigitte, Baron Samedi, Ogun, and the list goes on. Voodoo religion creating their deity and story to things that really exist in nature to explain how things come to exist and the importance of nature and knowledge. Also to create the right patterns for the energies, spirits or Gods. For example, Voodoo Loa, Oya, Legba, Eschu, Ogun, Shango, Buluku, Anansi, Ezili, Damballah, Avlekete, and the list goes on. In the time of European Slave Trade 1500-1870 was the period that Europeans well establish slave trade in Sub-Saharan Africa. Through the Europeans, slave trade the bring Africans in France, Italy, Spain, Greek, and in another country. In the time of slavery, the Africans bring with them Voodoo practice. The Voodoo practice we can find in Haiti, Louisiana also was known as New Orleans Voodoo, Caribbean, Dominican, Cuba, Brazil, and many other countries.

  • Legacy


 The inspirations on others and in popular culture 


The extraordinary prolific musical works and multi-genre music productions should make you understand importance being knowledgeable, truthful, conscience and unite. This type of musical song titles has a very good influence consciously, psychologically, and true educational impact. Also very extremely complicated music topic. This kind of music is described simply Music Of Knowledge, Truth, Consciousness, and Conscience. In addition, in popular culture, the songs are sampled for the video games, movies, tv, in different youtube channels, played in the various events and covered by many musicians. The notable albums African Civilizations Volumes is historical, consciousness and factual albums.

The notable albums African Civilizations Volumes is the most important albums. In addition, have the similar importance as Thriller to Michael Jackson and Purple Rain to Prince. Also a member of the successful international music duo group The 72 Diamonds and The Breath Of Life with my wife Michaela Queenie Johnson.


About the appearances: well known for very beautiful manly face, for very beautiful and well-groomed beard, very stylish hair and for the very beautiful dark brown skin. Also very known for beautiful and attractive logos.


Meanings of the logo: knowledge, truth, intelligence, reincarnation, healing power, everlasting life, protection, Breath Of Life and crown.


  • Musical inspirations


List of musical inspirations: Fela Kuti, James Brown, Bob Marley, Public Enemy, DJ Grandmaster Flash, Grand Wizard Theodore, DJ Kool Herc, Afrika Bambaataa , Frankie Knuckles, Larry Heard , B.B. King, John Lee Hooker,  Louis Armstrong, Sister Rosetta Tharpe, Ella Fitzgerald, Nina Simone, Joséphine Baker, Sammy Davis Jr. Chuck Berry, Scott Joplin, and among others.


  • General  inspirations


List of general inspirations: Dr. John Henrik Clarke, Marcus Garvey, Dr. Yosef Ben-Jochannan, Nelson Mandela, Frederick Douglass, Chancellor Williams, Sojourner Truth, Madam C. J. Walker and among others.









References and Sources. All these books you can buy on Amazon



List of black conscious books that gives me real knowledge about the accomplishments and establishment of Black Africans and Black African civilizations


       By J. A. Rogers  (Author),‎ John Henrik Clarke          (Commentary, Introduction)   


List of Ancient Egyptian books that gives me a truthful knowledge about Black African civilization Kemet-Egypt and Religion



A book that gives me true knowledge about the importance of melanin in consciousness and reveals the biochemistry of how the body’s melanin provides the template for the subtle energy body or light body. Shows how embracing the dark light consciousness of the awakened Ureaus opens a portal to the sacred darkness of the superconscious



List of books that gives me the true knowledge about Hidden Establishment of African-American in American History and about Black Wall Street (also represent the united power of Black Africans)










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