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Background information 


Birth Name: Michael Prince Johnson  Also known as 

The Originator, The Godfather, The Professor, The King Of African Civilizations Volumes and Creator Of His Greatness 

The King or True Master Of Modern Instrumental Music,

The King Of 72 Diamonds Volumes and Creator Of His Greatness

The King Of Breath Of Life and Creator Of His Greatness 


Born: 24.11.1983 

New Orleans, Louisiana, U.S


Origin: Black African (Father from Kenya / Mother from Ghana)


Living:  Since 2009 in Vienna, Austria.

Married to Michaela Queenie Johnson.


Genres: Instrumental Music Of  All Kinds of EDM, House, Dancefloor, Synthwave A.K.A Retro, Nu Metal, Groove Metal, Heavy Metal, Hard Rock, Electronic Rock, Funk, Jazz, Blues, Club, Afrobeat, Dancehall, Film Music, Classical Music, Soul, RnB, and Hip-Hop.

Occupations :

Music Producer, Musical Artist, Arranger, DJ, Composer, Singer-Songwriter, Entertainer, Dancer, Entrepreneur, an Independent Researcher, Historian, Activist, and Security Guard.

Security Guard Full Time Employed by Securitas.

 My security guard references the content of leading companies in their field Vamed, Sedlak, and AKH. 

Instruments : 

Drum Machine, MPC, DAW, Shekere ( West African Instruments ), Shakers, Mbira A.K.A Kalimba, Surdo Brazilain  bass drums, Percussions, Synthesizer, Turntables ( DJ Set) and



Years Active:  

2007 – present.




Associated acts:

Michaela Queenie Johnson and

72 Diamonds.


Band Members of 72 Diamonds:


Michael Prince Johnson
and his wife Michaela Queenie Johnson.

Michaela Queenie Johnson

Music Positions: Music Artist, Songwriter, and DJ.

Instruments: Percussions, Shaker, Turntables ( DJ Set), and Piano.










 Albums  From 2007 up to today.

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Film DVD Cover  By Michael Prince Johnson

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The biography was written by Hanz Huber

Michael Prince Johnson


Michael Prince Johnson (born November 24, 1983), is an Afro-American musical artist, music producer, composer, arranger, improviser, singer-songwriter, virtuoso multi-instrumentalist, percussionist, shekere player, mbira player A.K.A Kalimba, surdo player and DJ.

He has released from 2007 to today a total of 70 albums, over 600 songs, 44 soundtracks, 3 DVD film music documentaries, 150 singles, DJ mix albums, and sold single-handed worldwide around 5.9 million includes streamings. From 2020 up to today he released 3 DVD film music educational documentaries " Knowledge, Music And Me ", " Human Behavior and  Crime Zone " and "History Of Epidemics". Also, 32 educational documentary music videos. Also, his compositions were used and played for numerous video games, films, advertisements, TV, businesses, universities, schools, clubs, festivals, and youtube channels.

His most notable songs are "History Of Epidemics", "Black African Civilization Kemet-Egypt", "Forgetting The Culture Of Origin", " Importance Of Nature ", "Human Behavior And Crime Zone", "Employments", "Wrong Decision", "Health", "Miseducation", "History Of Religion", "Scientific Racism"

 "Let's Go Crazy", and many more.

His DJ live set the content of DJing with Live Mixer, Shekere & Mbira A.K.A Kalimba or thumb piano (Ancient West African percussion instruments), Surdo (Brazilian bass drum), Drum Machine and singing. He has performed live worldwide in various clubs, events, festivals and includes his concert. At the age of 7, he wrote, composed, arranged, and sang his own songs. In addition to the DJ set, he plays various instruments such as drum machines, MPC, percussions, shekere, Mbira( A.K.A Kalimba), Surdo, and keyboards. 



His global musical achievement includes musical artist, composer, producer, musician, and DJ with the greatest educational impact, DJ with the largest music catalogs, a musical artist with one of the largest music catalogs, one of the most sampled artists, and DJ on youtube channel, and one of the best selling EDM, instrumental rock, instrumental RnB/Soul, Funk and instrumental pop artists globally. Also, his music catalog is larger than any artist or band in the rank of the world's best-selling music artists. His music catalog has a value of between 20 million to 100 million euros. Also, his album 72 Diamonds with 72 songs is the most expensive download Album on iTunes with the price of 72 Euro and running time of 8 Hours 35 Minutes.


He has charted on recognized global market music charts on Amazon, iTunes, and radio Top 100 Charts By My Tuner. Also, his albums and songs have been charted in the world's leading online store Amazon USA, UK, Germany, Austria, and Japan. On the top 100 radio chart's history  By My Tuner " Let's Go Crazy " (72 Diamonds Vol.4)  peak No.1 on Austrian RnB/Soul radio charts, Top 100 in Egypt, Top 100 in Belgium, and played over 300 radio stations in 30 countries. " Let's Go Crazy " was the only instrumental song in the history of Austrian R&B/ Soul Charts By My Tuner to peak at No.1. Also, he is the first and only independent artist to top the Austrian R&B/Soul charts at No.1.

His song "Let's Go Crazy " made him the first artist and DJ to have a song debut atop the Austrian R&B/ Soul radio charts By My Tuner at No.1 on May 24, 2020.
Also, his song " Let's Go Crazy " from the Album 72 Diamonds Vol. 4 and Vol. 38 was chartered on USA Radio station KJMK (93.9 FM) Classic hits at No.8. On Canada Radio station CKX-FM 96.1 BOB FM at No.1 and among the top 10 on other global important internet radio stations By My Tuner. Also his song " Fear Not " ( 72 Diamonds Vol.25 ) peaks at No.95 in Nederland iTunes charts top 100.

His name has on Google search engine between 50 million to 300 million results. Spotify the leading streaming service create the Spotify playlist "This Is Michael Prince Johnson" with his Top 50 most streaming hit songs. Also Spotify Michael Prince Johnson radio. Also, Google Play Music create his Top 10 most streaming hit songs. All albums and songs are self-produced, composed, arranged, and mixed.

His musical achievement in Austria includes the largest music catalog in Austria, the most sampled musical artist, producer, composer, arranger, musician, and DJ in the youtube channel globally and nationally that comes from Austria and he is also the best selling recording artist, musician, and DJ from Austria with African descent. 


All Albums are available on Youtube, Google Play Music, iTunes, Amazon, Beatport,, and up to 300 download stores worldwide. Also, available also on his website and DJ Mixes.

He is also a member of the successful international music duo band The 72 Diamonds with his wife Michaela Queenie Johnson. 


His songs were used and sampled on CBS, BET (Black Entertainment Television), video games for Starcraft, Shroud Of The Avatar Forsaken Virtues, The Lord Of Rings, Neverwinter, Star Wars: Battlefront II, Sleeping Dogs, Grand Theft, Overwatch, and Minecraft, Film for Roman Pozhidaev and Film Trailer for Recall For Pheasants, and sampled by millions of youtube channels users worldwide. Also, his album 72 Diamonds Vol. 38 was featured on the DJ-leading Online Store compilation album Beatport Music Releases Pack 895 (2019). His articles were on USA online magazine Revolvy Trending Topic, Austrian online magazine Kurve Kulturvernetzung and others.


His songs were supported on national radio stations ORF Radio, FM4, and others. Also his music video for "Say My Name" from the album 2010 " Say My Name Pt 2" gets heavy rotation on Austrian music television GO TV.

Also, some of his songs are licensed to the Sony / The Orchard, Sony / ATV Music Publishing, EMI Music Publishing, Warner / Chappell Music, and Universal Music Group.


His musical themes are about the truth of African civilizations, African belief system, African culture, Africa is the origin of the human race and civilizations, list of African civilizations, the history of religions, scientific racism, discrimination against black Africans, linguistic discrimination, covering the achievements and accomplishments of Black Africans, human rights, psychology, genetics, sociology, economics, mathematics, physics, education, employment, the importance of music, world history and today.


His instrumental music includes all kinds of EDM, house, dancefloor, rock, nu-metal, groove metal, heavy metal, Electronic rock, hard rock, funk, jazz, blues, club, Afrobeat, dancehall, reggae, film music, classical music, classical crossover, soul, RnB, and hip-hop.


His music has an extremely knowledgeable message, very complicated music themes, and a true historical meaning. His music has simply described the music of knowledge, truth, consciousness, and conscience.



His most notable albums include 72 Diamonds Volumes, African Civilizations Volumes, Michaela Queenie Johnson Volumes, Knowledge, Music And Me, History Of Epidemics, Human Behavior And Crime Zone, Love Songs Vol.1, Rock Crystal Volumes, Chill Out Time Volumes, Erotic Time Volumes, Halloween Time Volumes, My Symphony Vol.1, Top Singles by Michael Prince Johnson and Top Singles Dance and House.


His musical song titles are factual, historically, and come from references and sources of established books.





References and Sources. All these books you can buy on Amazon



List of black conscious books that gives me real knowledge about the accomplishments and establishment of Black Africans and Black African civilizations


       By J. A. Rogers  (Author),‎ John Henrik Clarke          (Commentary, Introduction)   


List of Ancient Egyptian books that gives me a truthful knowledge about Black African civilization Kemet-Egypt and Religion



A book that gives me true knowledge about the importance of melanin in consciousness and reveals the biochemistry of how the body’s melanin provides the template for the subtle energy body or light body. Shows how embracing the dark light consciousness of the awakened Ureaus opens a portal to the sacred darkness of the superconscious



List of books that gives me the true knowledge about Hidden Establishment of African-American in American History and about Black Wall Street (also represent the united power of Black Africans)










Album Cover _History Of Epidemics_.jpg

Beatport Music Releases Pack 895 (2019)

KJMK 93.9 Classic Hit FM ( USA)

Song " Let's Go Crazy " Peak No.8 On KJMK 93.9 Classic Hits Charts FM (USA)

Buddha is original Black Man
Greeks And Romans Scholars Always Describe Ancient Egyptian As Black African People, Not As An Arab Or White Race( European). Their Nose, Full Lips, Hair and Hairstyle, DNA, Costumes, Skin Of Color, Language, Stealing African Artifacts, Scientific Racism Against Black African Race, And History Of Cover-Up Of African Civilizations Speak Clearly That All Great African Civilizations Are Originated By Black African People.

Greeks And Romans Scholars Always Describe Ancient Egyptian As Black African People, Not As An Arab Or White Race (European). Evidence: Their Nose, Full Lips, Hair and Hairstyle, DNA, Genetic Diversity, Costumes, Skin Of Color, Locations, Language, Stealing African Artifacts, Scientific Racism Against Black African Race And Against Black African IQ, And History Of Cover-Up Of African Civilizations Speak Clearly That All Great African Civilizations Are Originated By Black African People. In Addition, The Origins Of Civilizations, Cultures, Religions ( Belief System), Writings And Many More Are Originated By Black African People.

Greek are the ones give us the Hebrew language.
Kemet-Egyptian Hieroglyphics Is Origin Of Europian Alphabet
The oldest bible copy The Sepuagint and original copy does not exist
Treatment of slaves in the United States.
Never Forget: America's Forgotten Mass Lynching: When 237 Black Sharecroppers Were Murdered In Arkansas.
 Human Zoo Ota Benga, a Congolese man exhibited in the New York Zoo

On the right side is a white man Christian Missionary Samuel Phillips Verner (1873-1943) is responsible to bring Ota Benga on New York's Bronx Human Zoo 1906. To promote the Christianity and Darwinism that the black race is lesser humans than white. And that black race has very low IQ.