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Film Music  Educational Documentary

" Knowledge, Music And Me "

Film music educational documentary " Knowledge, Music And Me "  is about my biography and my musical themes about the true history of Black African Civilization Kemet-Egypt and the importance of the African continent. Also about the importance of nature, employments, doing the right decision, the true meaning of love and the history of Mafia in the USA. 

Video titles: Biography Of Michael Prince Johnson;

Importance Of Nature; Black African Civilization Kemet-Egypt;

History Of Mafia; I Give My Name To Her; Time For Wedding;

Erotic Desire; Images Of Horror; Employment; I Love Africa;

Club Night Life and Wrong Decision.

Director, Writer, Producer, Executive Producer, And Editor By Michael Prince Johnson

Animation By Michael Prince Johnson
Lead Cast By Michael Prince Johnson
Supporting Cast By Michaela Queenie Johnson
Music And Composer By Michael Prince Johnson

Film genres: Film Music Documentation, Education And Animation.

 You Are Watching  Film Music Educational Documentary

" Knowledge, Music And Me " Pt 1.  And  Pt 2  .

 PT 2 (New) 

 PT 1  

" Telling the truth about the accomplishments of black Africans is not an insult but it is an insult to those who are Anti-Africans ",  
" We can only be united when a human race teaches their race to respect the accomplishments and establishment of other human race. Otherwise, we will never be united ",
" The titles of the music songs are factual, historically and come from references and sources of established books "... 
                            All these three sentences are the result of my own research.
Dick Gregory​
"Truthful Information Gives You A Truthful, Knowledgeable And Solid Education",

" The culture that is based on hatred of Black African culture, history, and civilizations is not civilized social culture. In addition, there is no argument because nothing good is coming from mine of not social and not civilized culture "...

My compositions were used in these popular top video games below and sampled by millions of youtube channels users worldwide. Click here for shortlisting of youtube channels users.

About The Films:

My Song "Church Of Demons" was used for the Russian film Roman Pozhidaev. The film based on the story of Hanif Karim. Click on the text The Russian film, Roman Pozhidaev to be directed to the movie. The Song "Eternal Life" was used for the Italian Film  Trailer Recall For Pheasants. The film is about the plot of history deals with the illegal trade in organs. Click on the text of Trailer Recall For Pheasants to be directed to the movie.

In addition, these are the short list of companies that used my songs for their advertisement. Click on the logo to be directed to a video of companies advertisement.

Also, my songs were used in this popular international and national mainstream TV stations below. And played on the important global internet radio station By Top Charts By My Tuner includes KJMK 93.9 Classic hits FM (USA) and Canada radio station CKX-FM 96.1 BOB FM. Also played and charts on Austrian RnB/Soul radio, ORF 1, FM4, and radio Arabella below. On the top chart's history " Let's Go Crazy " peak No.1 on Austrian RnB/Soul charts, Top 100 in Egypt, Top 100 in Belgium, and played over 300 radio stations in 30 countries. Also the song " Let's Go Crazy " from the album 72 Diamonds Vol. 4 and Vol. 38 peak No.8 on the KJMK 93.9 Classic hits charts FM (USA) and No.1 on the CKX-FM 96.1 BOB FM (Canada). Also my song " Fear Not " (72 Diamonds Vol.25) peak at No.95 in Nederland iTunes charts top 100. Includes Spotify playlist, Spotify Michael Prince Johnson radio, Google Play Music Top 10 Charts, and Beatport DJ compilation album Beatport Music Releases Pack 895 (2019).

Go Tv Archive Music Videos List

Song " Let's Go Crazy " Peak No.8 On KJMK 93.9 Classic Hits Charts FM (USA)

Album 72 Diamonds Vol. 38 is in DJ Leading Online Store Compilation Album Beatport Music Releases Pack 895 (2019)

Online magazines with articles and images of me. Also, some of my songs are licensed to the Sony/The Orchard, Sony/ATV Music Publishing, EMI Music Publishing, Warner/Chappell Music, Universal Music Group, Concord Music Publishing, ASCAP, and BMI. Click On The Record Labels, BMI and ASCAP Logo To Be Directed To The Youtube Channel Licensing Information.



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 The Playlist Of Top Albums And Singles are albums releases from 2017 up to today. On playlist are albums from 72 Diamonds Vol.30 to 38, Michaela Queenie Johnson 4 & 5, African Civilizations Vol.1 to Vol.5, Knowledge, Music And Me, My Symphony Vol.1, and Rock Crystal Vol.1 to vol.3, Includes Top Singles releases from 2007 up to today. The playlist has over 250 songs. Other Top Albums can be found on Youtube, iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, Google Music Play, and over 300 online stores worldwide. Also, Song "Let's Go Crazy" peak No.1 on Austrian Radio Top 100 RnB/Soul Charts By My Tuner ( ).

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